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It is that time of year again when we start opening up.  The big clean commences.  So last week, having returned from our annual holiday refreshed and raring to go we cleaned and bleached the terrace around the swimming pools.  It is astonishing how green it can get over the course of winter.  So 30 litres of bleach later and a lot of elbow grease it is now clean.  Let’s hope it stays that way until we open and we do not have to do it again.

Painting started today in Gite No. 2.  A lady called Caroline and I are going to systematically work our way through each gite over the next two weeks, repairing things, painting, making lists of missing items.  So we started in the biggest gite to get that out of the way.  The top floor has been completely repainted and so has the kitchen.  The lounge is stonework so no need to paint that.   I also sanded the floor and stairs and Caroline varnished them.

We are heading into Gite No. 1 La Vielle Grange tomorrow.  This is about half the size of No. 2 but I still reckon it will take a couple of days.  The floor is painted on the ground floor and has started to wear off so we need a nice day so that we can move the furniture outside and give it another coat of paint.  At the moment we are being battered by a big storm and tonight there is 191 km per hour winds predicted so this may need to wait a couple of days!

Other things coming up on my list of things to do is replacing the decking outside of Gite No. 4 La Vielle Grange, changing the back of the terrace area and gardening… this shouldn’t be underestimated.  We have 3 hectares of land and there is a lot of gardening to be done.  Looking forward to my in-laws coming over who always give a helping hand here.  We are also on the look out for a new swing/climbing frame combo and are considering a couple of other little additions the kids may like.  Watch this space.

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