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Support two great charities and win a holiday….

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We are really pleased once again to be supporting Association CLOE and La Maison Escargot by offering a holiday as part of their Grand Tombola fundraiser.  These are two great charities.  Run by Carole Bourdais Save and supported by a huge team of local volunteers.  We do various charity fundraising events through the year – gift wrapping services at Christmas, fete in August, Loto etc.

Carole is a mum of one of Sam’s friends, who is doing an amazing job. Carole lives in Henansal, has three children, two of which have physical disabilities caused by neurological problems. When Cloe, her oldest child, was no longer allowed to attend the local school and no other schooling was made available, rather than put up with what was available for her children, Carole fought back and went to the extra-ordinary lengths of opening her own school La Maison Escargot. This now schools her two children (her middle son is at school with Sam), as well as a number of other children with special needs, who can now go to school everyday to learn and have physiotherapy. We are really pleased to be able to offer a prize of a holiday at Easter next year in one of our lodges to support this amazing woman and her charity and the draw is on this coming Sunday at the JDS. Tickets are priced at 2 euros. If you would like to buy a ticket, please let me know and let me know how many you want and arrange to transfer the money to me using the link below. Obviously you can buy as many tickets as you like. I will fill the stubs in and make sure you are in the draw. I do hope you help as it really is local charity close to our hearts.

Flyer for the Grand Tombola

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