As soon as Christmas and New Year are over, my thoughts turn to 2017. This is going to be our 10th season and I am wondering what we can do to celebrate it.  Perhaps a free gift for each guest or something.  Maybe it is something I will look into.  We have done something similar before where we did a personalised print for each family (using my best friend’s company  I will put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with.  Already have new beach/swimming bags for each child.  These are different to last years designs as my daughter complained they rubbed her shoulder, so we have a new natural canvas version this year.

I have also just been updating the website.  It is amazing the number of mistakes you spot when you go back and check everything. I am sure I proof read it when I did the website originally (I redesigned it a a few years ago), but having returned to read it through with fresh eyes, I am embarrassed at the number of typos there are.   Fortunately my clients are not booking holidays because of the quality of my English but it couldn’t have been the best impression.  If any of you spot any, please let me know!!!

January is normally our busiest booking period and I hope that this continues this year.  So far so good.  I have spent some time loading our gites and lodges on some new marketing websites and also planning the changes that are going to happen here.  We are going to get to grips with some parts of the garden which have become very overgrown.  Diggers have already been in to remove some overgrown shrubs and lots of brambles but we haven’t finished yet.  I am also toying with the following ideas… working out if we can afford them, if we can do them in time, if people will want them.  Let me know what you think if you get a minute.

A gym (maybe indoor, maybe outdoor).

A new climbing frame/swing set.

New ride on toys.

I will post an update here when we make any decisions but will probably be close to easter time before we make a decision.

Also testing out some new recipes for the Plat du Jours which is not good for my diet!