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Name Description Suitable for a rainy day?
Playing on the golden sands at one of the many local beaches The beaches of the Emerald Coast are perfect for young children. They are clean, sandy and beautiful.  The closest beach is Sables d’Or les Pins, which is 10 kilometres, but within a 20-minute drive you will find lots and lots of beaches.  Here are a few worth a mention:  Pleneuf Val Andre, St Cast Le Guido, Caroual Plage, St Pabu, Petit Mont St Michel, Erquy, St Jacut de la Mer.  There are also beaches that are good for body boarding, surfing, rock climbing and foraging/crabbing.  Just ask us and we will point you in the right direction. No
Making friends In the soft play area is where all the toddlers get together and meet the other toddlers (if they havent already made friends).  Climbing, building, dressing up it all goes on in the soft play area and the little ones love it. Yes
The swimming pool in Jugon les Lacs An indoor swimming complex with small slides and splash areas suitable for toddlers.  Suitable from about 2 to 3 years ld.  Yes
 Amoripark A theme park with an indoor and outdoor aqua park suitable for toddlers.  Really lovely place and quite old fashioned.  No huge roller coasters, but things like pedaloes, go karts and bouncy castles.  Yes
The toddlers’ pool at La Touche We have a toddlers’ pool here, where the little ones can stand up, play with boats, buckets, watering cans and generally splash around whilst the parents sit at the side. It is heated to 29 degrees so that the little ones can stay in for longer. No
Calling for friends Over the years, the feedback from parents has been wonderful but something they all say, is that it is amazing the freedom the toddlers have as the grounds at La Touche are so safe.  Most parents say it is lovely for them to be able to open the door and watch their toddler wonder off to his friends house and knock on the door to see if he is coming out to play.  No traffic, no easy exit and lots of toys. No
Aquarium, St Malo The Grand Aquarium, St Malo is a brilliant Aquarium with thousands of different species of fish including sharks, sea turtles and piranhas!  Always a favourite.  There is also a kids’ submarine ride, wittily called ‘le Nautibus’. Yes
Zoo Bourbansais A really lovely zoo in the grounds of a chateau, which can also be visited.  There is a fabulous falconry display and, at the end, bouncy castles, play areas and a maze (once it has grown!) Yes
The ride-ons Sometimes the simplest things are the best.  We have a bike park at La Touche, stocked full of scooters, tractors, bikes, push alongs, trikes and other weird and wonderful toys.  We also have a long drive at the front of the property and watching the wacky races that take place is very funny! No
Jumpi There is a really big indoor soft play centre in St Brieuc, which is lovely and clean, very quiet and a sensory overload for the children. Yes