• Not a bad day….

    So you may think that waking up to the news that Marine Le Pen has made it to the final two in the french presidential race would put a dampner on my day but not at all.  It was completely […]

  • Getting ready to open

    It is that time of year again when we start opening up.  The big clean commences.  So last week, having returned from our annual holiday refreshed and raring to go we cleaned and bleached the terrace around the swimming pools. […]

  • Becoming French

    Well all things considered we have decided to make the move to become French. Several things have lead to this decision…. Brexit, kids schooling and sports specifically, and in general just loving the french way of life, culture and living […]

  • The start of a new year

    As soon as Christmas and New Year are over, my thoughts turn to 2017. This is going to be our 10th season and I am wondering what we can do to celebrate it.  Perhaps a free gift for each guest […]

  • Preparing for winter

    As the nights start to draw in and the temperature drops, thoughts here at Emerald Coast turn to all the behind the scene work required to make your holidays the best they can be. We’re continually thinking of what will […]