Inspiration for 2023

Want some ideas for when you are staying at Emerald Coast Gites in Brittany. Here are some ‘off the beaten track’ things to do in the area.  Happy Family Holidays cool

Breizh Wake Park – this place is great but it is quite hard to get up. You can also get lunch here and sometimes in the evenings there are bands playing

Jugon Les Lacs Swimming Pool – this is a great facility not too far away from us. It is open to the general public at slightly funny times so check the opening times.  But inside it is brilliant for little ones, and the new addition of the outside slides means the big kids are happy as well.

Electric Bikes – This is a new craze and you can hire electric bikes from so many places these days.  One of the best days out on an Velo Electrique is on Ile de Brehat. Really is a beautiful island, no cars, lovely beaches.  Can get very busy in July and August so make sure you book these bikes in advance.

Surfing  This is still a favourite and as your kids get older this becomes the go to activity.  Be cool and learn to surf with Mael at  Mael speaks really good English and is an excellent coach, he is so busy though – make sure you book in advance.  You can book online.  He has all the gear so there is no excuse!  You can also hire paddleboards.

 The Velo Rail.  This is something quite unique to France.  Basically on disused railway lines, across France, they have created a Velo Rail – where you can cycle on specially adapted bikes on the railway lines at superfast speeds.  Little kids, and indeed dogs, can go in the basket in the middle, bigger kids can take their own bikes.

Acrobranche and Zip Lines.  We are lucky enough to be in the middle of two great Accrobranch sites, both  of which have recently updated their offers to include ziplines.  We generally recommend St Cast for families with little kids, and Morieux for families with bigger kids. MORIEUX CAST

The 2023 Equinox Tides – Why not try and fit in a Grande Maree, where you can see sights like the images below at St Malo and Pleneuf Val Andre.  It really is something special to see and if your visit coincides with a Grande Maree its defintiely worth going to see it. The highest spring tides occur every six months near each equinox. The phenomenon occurs mainly in March and September, but in some years it can occur in February or April and in August or October. Coefficients usually exceed 102 and are most often above 110.

The highest coefficients in 2023 are expected on the following days – you will have to tie in your visit with high tide but we can tell you when this will be:

Wednesday 22 February, tide 112
Wednesday 22 March, tide of 111
Thursday 20 April, tide of 102
Friday 4 August, tide 104
Thursday 31 August, tide 107
Tuesday 2 September, tide 112
Sunday 1 October, tide 111
Sunday 29 October, tide 104


Grande Maree St Malo