A little bit of useful  information…..

If you are travelling with babies or young children, you might find this page useful.



In France it is not possible to purchase the same formula milk as it is in England. Therefore, if you use a particular brand, we suggest you bring sufficient milk with you for the duration of your stay. The formula milk in France is similar, but having young children we know that it is always worrying changing their milk. Additionally, it is about twice the cost as the formula milk in England.

For children that are no longer on formula milk, in France you can buy milk specifically for children between 10 and 36 months. This is loaded with extra vitamins etc. I used this with both my children and they loved it.


The water here is safe to drink, however, for making bottles of milk, it is recommended that you use mineral water that shows a symbol on it as safe to make babies bottles.  This is because some water has too high a salt content, including tap water.  Once you get into the swing of it, you will realise it is much easier.  No boiling water!!!

Nappies and baby wipes

It is possible to buy all the branded nappies and baby wipes here. I find they are a little more expensive, but not much. However, you cannot buy nappy sacks. Just a warning – unless you want very smelly bins, bring some with you.

Babies’ medicine

The equivalent to Calpol in France is called Doliprane. You can get this from pharmacies. They will need to know the weight of your baby in kilos and the pharmacist will explain the correct dose for your baby. Be warned, that the most common form of giving medicine to a baby in France is a supository. Make sure you ask for “by mouth” if you do not fancy using a supository.  


We have a local doctor here and it is normally possible to see the doctor the same day.  Obviously, if it is an emergency there will be no problem and the closest Hospital has a fantastic pediatric ward with its own Accident and Emergency. If you do need to see a doctor whilst you are staying with us, we will obviously organise the appointment and accompany you if you want us too.

Eating out

France is very family orientated and it is really easy to eat out with babies and small children.  Most restaurants have high chairs and all do childrens menus.  Some restaurants nearby have a fab selection of children’s meals (not just things like chicken nuggets!) along with play areas and other things to keep them occupied.  We can make recommendations and reservations whilst you are here, and if all else fails, we could even book a babysitter. Be aware, though, that some restaurants will not open until 7pm.